Invest in public transit to expand train and bus service, upgrade aging transit infrastructure, and re-examine routes and community needs. More public transit means less traffic congestion and allows for a reliable and effective transportation option to those in the district.

Provide reduced cost MetroCards to Low-Income Families(Fair Fares) to combat income inequality and expand opportunities for low-income New Yorkers. This ensures mobility for purposes of job interviews, attending work, going to school, finding affordable housing, and to shop for groceries and other necessities. No one should have to choose between a MetroCard and a meal.

Improve R-train performance and bus service in the district to reduce delays and increase access to public transportation enjoyed by other parts of the city. We must fix the notoriously late and unreliable R-train service.

Make more subway stations wheelchair-accessible so that New York is accessible to ALL New Yorkers. Only a quarter of the subway stations in the city are designated as wheelchair accessible and often the elevators in those stations that are accessible are out of service. Lack of accessibility limits opportunities to people that rely on mobility devices or wheelchairs and restricts them from large swaths of the city. We must invest in modernizing our subway stations and bringing it to parity with most major cities in America. Accessibility and maintenance should be an urgent priority for the MTA.

Mandate the NYC Department of Transportation increase safety for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists by holding a community based planning process to ensure that everyone can travel safely and effectively. We will add protected bike lanes which reduce traffic fatalities and decrease congestion.