Grow the availability of affordable housing for seniors, particularly for those living in poverty, through rent freezes, support for senior housing assistance programs, reformation of the housing code to accommodate larger households with extended families common in immigrant communities, and increased funding for housing developments aimed at older New Yorkers.

Streamline and expedite the process for accessing government programs and benefits to expand accessibility of services, particularly for the rising number of immigrant seniors that will soon make up a majority of older New Yorkers.

Increase support for community-based organizations that provide vital services and programming to older New Yorkers, particularly in immigrant communities, such as language access programs, food banks, legal assistance, and health and wellness services.

Improve walkability and accessibility, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, and entrances to public transportation, including adding time to the crosswalk timers at busy intersections, fixing broken and uneven curbs, and adding elevators to train station entrances.