Build the district's first-ever community center to create a space for community forums, programs, and events. A community center will directly address the needs of our neighborhood and work with community stakeholders to direct programming and host special events.

Bring Participatory Budgeting to the District to bring increased transparency to the spending of public funds. We will bring community members directly into the decision making process and fund projects to improve parks, schools, and other public spaces as well as new construction projects in the district.

Enact "Municipal Voting" which allows green card holders to vote in municipal election to increase political involvement and representation for tax-paying permanent residents of New York. We will increase political participation and community involvement and expand representation to communities that are affected by matters decided at the local level.

Fight to move Community Boards to an election vs. appointment model and ensure diverse and representative Community boards that react to the needs of their constituents in an accountable and inclusive manner. Community Boards should be held to the same standard as all municipal decision makers in the city.

Making local government more accessible by holding quarterly town halls, participatory budgeting, extended office hours, and increased language access so that all voices are heard.

Promote and support political candidates and city appointees from diverse communities that truly reflect NYC such as LGBTQ individuals, people of color, immigrants, and people from low-income households.