Fight for fully-funded CUNY to expand educational programming and research, increase campus services, ensure fair wages and benefits to faculty and staff, and provide effective and first-class education for students.

Expand the free lunch program to end youth hunger. No child should have to go hungry because they can’t afford to eat. Expanding the free lunch program will reduce stigma and provide quality nutrition for children all across the city.

Provide more funding and resources for Afterschool programs and wraparound services to support and nurture the wellbeing of NYC students and families.

Increase the promotion and funding of arts programs, including independent theater, to support a vibrant and entrepreneurial creative sector in the district and city-wide. NYC will continue to be a leader in creating new art and media.

Affirm and protect LGBTQ youth in schools through implementing policies that reduce harassment and bullying, providing programming that affirms LGBTQ identities and experiences, and educating teachers, parents, and community leaders on their obligations to their LGBTQ youth.