Pass the Right to Know Act to increase accountability and transparency for the NYPD while reducing prejudicial and abusive tactics. Law enforcement must always identify themselves with their name, rank, and command. Importantly, they should always provide a specific reason for stopping you.

Advocate for more funding for our local police precincts, and help to build a stronger and more productive relationship between law enforcement and the community.

End all bias-based profiling of Muslim communities by NYPD to protect and uphold the free practice of religion. Criminal investigations where religion, race, or ethnicity are a major motivating factor should not be pursued.

End all unofficial ticketing and arrest quotas to stop for-profit policing and reduce the staggering number of people snared in a flawed criminal justice system. Law enforcement can’t view the communities they serve as a revenue source. Ticketing and arrest quotas make the job harder for law enforcement by reducing community trust.

Close Rikers Island NOW and end an institution with a long history of violence and abuse. There must also be independent oversight to ensure expedient closure. Closing Rikers is a small step to ensure that NYC is a leader in reform of a flawed criminal justice system that routinely targets communities of color. Our city resources are better spent on robust re-entry programs (pre-release investments focused on educational programming, mental health services, transitional and long-term employment programs) and to provide for communities.

Mandate comprehensive educational training and accountability measures for law enforcement at all levels on the unique needs and experiences of LGBTQ community.

End HIV criminalization by keeping medical records confidential and not allowing them to be used to prosecute people living with HIV.